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Op-Ed: Augmented Intelligence, A Helping Hand, Eyes and Ears for Compliance Professionals
For financial institutions and their risk management professionals, a reduced and refined pool of potential alerts tackles the burden of excessive investment needed to sustain this existing compliance models.

Op-Ed: Who Am I? Best Practices for Next-Gen Authentication
Establishing proactive monitoring processes and preparing an incident response plan in advance can reduce the flow of sensitive data leaving a business. 

Op-Ed: Making the Case for an Investment When the Analytics Don’t Fit
The HFA function of the Bloomberg Terminal enabled me to not only provide a valuable, tailored analysis to a would-be investor, but also better understand what he was looking to get out of his new allocations.

Op-Ed: PSD2's long shadow casts doubt over US fintech security
Banks should consider voluntarily ceding their financial data to third-party companies, focusing less on opposition and more on feeding this information securely to stay comparable with European financial institutions.

Op-Ed: The solo route to retirement: Adopting an individual 401(k)
Freelancers and owner-only businesses think they're too small for a 401(k), or believe that starting a plan is too pricey. In actuality, setting up an Individual 401(k) can be simple, and newer digital providers even allow owners to quote and set up a plan online.

Editorial: Obamacare & The Two-Horse Race
Brief: Revealing the political context behind President Barack Obama's healthcare reform proposal in 2010, this essay examines the flaws of a bipartisan government and how Obamacare has exposed the stagnant two-party system.

Editorial: Ronda Rousey vs. Sara McMann, Unparalleled Significance
Brief: Examining the place of female athletes in MMA, this piece considers the Olympic credentials of Ronda Rousey and Sara McMann and their contribution to gender parity in the sport of MMA.

Editorial: Drug testing in MMA, a 'clean' approach to PED discussion
Brief: Covering the topical subject of drug testing in sport, this piece examines the UFC's existing stakeholder engagement methods as a private company, noting how they can be improved to communicate the coherence of their testing policy.

Interview: Glamour & Grandeur, Interior Design at 190 Strand
Brief: A look at one residential development's exquisite interior design, using an interview from the company behind it.

Report: Local Government Budget Cuts in Nottingham
Brief: Coverage of the national government budget cuts at local level in the city of Nottingham, examining this effect on the political parties, the education system and the East Midlands area.