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Article: The Growing Glaucoma Surgical Devices Market
Brief: An explanation of the factors and consequences of a booming ophthalmology equipment market.

Article: Diabetic Retinopathy Explained
Brief: A detailed account of diabetic retinopathy, its causes and its diagnosis procedure.

Article: Innovation and Consumer Benefit
Brief: An examination of Fundus Photo's missions to provide cutting-edge diagnostic equipment at an affordable price for smaller healthcare practices and bring accessible optical healthcare to US residents nationwide.

Award Entry Copy: Best Exterior Design
Brief: An entertaining and technical account of a residential development's unique design.

Content Marketing Explained
Brief: A guide to  content-based marketing and its most notable forms.

Infographic: Inbound Marketing
Brief: A combination of inbound marketing statistics to promote the marketing strategy over outbound, more overt marketing techniques.

Re-defining Blackberry: A public relations and Marketing Strategy Presentation
Brief: In a response to a brief asking a greater share of the social media voice in the electronic industry, this presentation documents the research, thought process and proposed final product of a re-definition of the Blackberry mobile phone brand.

Website Copy: In-car Installation Benefits for The FCS Installer Training & Accreditation Scheme (FITAS)
Brief: Website copy for an in-car feature installation accreditation body, educating consumers on the benefits of modifying their vehicles.