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Brand Launch: KASAI Elite Grappling Championships Brings New Era of Jiu-Jitsu to the Big Apple
Gotham gets to grips with grappling as today marks the official launch of New York City’s premier competitive Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) grappling promotion, KASAI Elite Grappling Championships (“KASAI”).

Blog: Why KASAI?
The KASAI name was not chosen by accident, nor was it a decision made in haste. The name of this promotion represents an outlook on how Jiu-Jitsu, and its most accomplished stars, should conduct themselves – to elevate the sport’s mainstream profile.

Blog: Tournament Preparation: The Setup for Success
When preparing for hand-to-hand combat or athletic tournaments, everyone’s method has its own madness. Rituals range from obscure pre-fight meals to wolf-like howls.

Blog: Edwin ‘Junny’ Ocasio: “I’m Ready to Shock the World”
On Saturday, October 21, more than 250 grapplers competed in KASAI’s inaugural amateur tournament. Fighters of various weight classes and belt levels traveled from academies across the tri-state area to test their mettle in attempts to bring home the gold.

Article: The Growing Glaucoma Surgical Devices Market
An explanation of the factors and consequences of a booming ophthalmology equipment market.

Article: Diabetic Retinopathy Explained
A detailed account of diabetic retinopathy, its causes and its diagnosis procedure.

Article: Innovation and Consumer Benefit
An examination of Fundus Photo's missions to provide cutting-edge diagnostic equipment at an affordable price for smaller healthcare practices and bring accessible optical healthcare to US residents nationwide.

Award Entry: Best Exterior Design
An entertaining and technical account of a residential development's unique design.

Article: Content Marketing Explained
A guide to content-based marketing and its most notable forms.

Infographic: Inbound Marketing
A combination of inbound marketing statistics to promote the marketing strategy over outbound, more overt marketing techniques.

Presentation: Re-defining Blackberry, A public relations and Marketing Strategy Presentation
In a response to a brief asking a greater share of the social media voice in the electronic industry, this presentation documents the research, thought process and proposed final product of a re-definition of the Blackberry mobile phone brand.

Website Copy: In-car Installation Benefits for The FCS Installer Training & Accreditation Scheme (FITAS)
Website copy for an in-car feature installation accreditation body, educating consumers on the benefits of modifying their vehicles.