Public Relations

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Public Relations

Press Release: Pictor Plus Product Announcement
Brief: An overview of the latest digital ophthalmic imager, the Pictor Plus, examining its key features, affordability and potential impact on healthcare in lower economically developing areas.

Press Release: A letter from the CEO
Brief: A ghost-written letter from Fundus Photo's CEO, outlining the company's working philosophy.

Community Engagement Proposal: Digital PR and Narrative Mapping
Brief: A proposition of the ideas and benefits that social media, Twitter and narrative mapping can use as part of a wider cultural PR campaign.

Press Release: Help to Buy
Brief: A residential case study press release detailing the benefits of Help to Buy for aspiring homeowners in and around London who wish to maintain regular lives without committing to intensive mortgages.

Press Notice: Landmark Garden Bridge
Brief: An overview of the new Garden Bridge proposed to connect the 'Northbank' and South Bank of the river Thames, using comments from one of its masterminds Joanna Lumley.

Press Notice: London's Northbank BID
Brief: An examination of the new Business Improvement District on London's Northbank and the positive changes the body is implementing to attract commerce and tourism to this area of London.

Press Release: New Penthouses in Central London
Brief: A press release on new luxury homes coming onto the property market, using the penthouses' impressive square footage as the key selling point.

Editorial: Profiling the Strand's Prestigious Past
Brief: An entertaining yet concise account of the Strand's rise to prominence as a part of central London lining the river Thames.