Client satisfaction is paramount to business growth. Here are a few comments from clients and colleagues that I've had the privelege to work with:

Matthew Sams, Director of Digital Strategy, Firefli

"Simply put, Aidan is an extremely driven individual. He looks for every opportunity to jump into a project and make both his presence and skill known. At Firefli, we work with a wide range of businesses in various industries. Aidan is consistently diligent in taking the time to learn about clients (and their industries, when necessary) to intelligently write and/or strategize communications on their behalf.

"More importantly, I have been constantly impressed by his ability to take constructive instruction and feedback and produce quality work. He pays attention to the details and always looks for ways to improve our work for clients. Aidan is a valuable team member, and I couldn't be happier with the work he has produced and the professionalism he has displayed on behalf of Firefli."


Charles Begley, Executive Director, City & Westminster Property Associations

Aidan is without doubt one of the most talented and dedicated members of staff I've ever employed, and in a relatively short time made an enormous contribution to the company. His professional application and personal maturity far exceeds his years. He was a pleasure to manage and popular with the entire team."


  Tim Reid, Managing Partner, Good Relations PropertyThe Good Relations GroupChime PLC

I could not recommend Aidan more highly. His work ethic, ability to work alongside colleagues well and determination to succeed was very impressive.

"His all-round support, both operational with our clients and in putting together PR and communications strategies for potential new clients provided an excellent and stable platform for us to grow the business and help our clients achieve their objectives. He also brought with him a modern outlook – helping to completely change and improve our social media interaction as a business by using interesting content both on our website and through social media.

"Overall he would be a real asset to any business and we will miss him as a guy who made a real difference to the business personally and professionally."


Clive Reddihough, Managing Director, Fusion Marketing Services Ltd

Aidan is extremely capable, hard working and professional. His aptitude for research, his skills in interpreting and explaining propositions, and his copywriting skills were much valued, particularly in helping FMS build engaging inbound marketing and social media strategies." 

"Aidan's ability to apply himself intelligently to any task, coupled with his likeable, friendly approach made him a hit with both colleagues and our clients."


Stacey Davis, Communications and Events Manager, The MMA Corner

"Aidan has been a contributing writer to The MMA Corner for several years. His writing is consistently high quality, and his timeliness, attention to detail and willingness to take on potentially controversial topics is invaluable. Aidan is unfailingly professional, and his passion for mixed martial arts shows in every piece he writes. He takes the extra steps to ensure his work is meticulously researched, and he can be relied upon to represent the company in the very best light. 

"Aidan's writing is approachable, creative and he easily crosses audience types in an engaging, enjoyable way. Aidan is a pleasure to have on the team, and I could not recommend him more highly."